portrait Heather Ross
Welcome to the { natural eclectic } home page of Heather Ross. Please click on the blog tab above for our active blog roll and sidebar of links to  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Originally when we envisioned this site, it was simply to blog  about our experience of creating a  book, THE NATURAL ECLECTIC. As a photographer, writer, stylist and artists it has been my dream for many years to do a book ~ a hold in your hand volume of my original images & thoughts on cultivating a life of elegance & authenticity. I’ve now relaunched our shop in Vancouver under the heather ross { natural eclectic } brand as well and moved into a striking location at 2170 Fir street.  I’ve embraced { natural eclectic } as my entire new brand as I feel this perfectly captures my innate aesthetic, vision and way of life.

linen Heather Ross

The art salon/boutique is an eclectic mix of evocative art, antiques, vintage finds & elegant objects for the home, all woven together with my signature palette of earth, sea & sky.

Heather Ross {natural eclectic} interior

One of my greatest pleasures as an artist is forging a connection with others through my work. Of course I love the creative process itself ~ the fluid act of painting, getting lost in the moment when taking photos, styling atmospheres of beauty, and carefully choosing words to convey a mood and a story. As a shopkeeper, artist  and a regular contributor to publications such as  House & Home Magazine, these are my job descriptions and my passions. The most rewarding aspect of my work is when it touches, and evokes an emotion in another. Through this experience I find the true meaning in what I do, and feel my place and purpose on this earth.

I hope to encourage others to cultivate a life that is nuanced with integrity, beauty and grace by staying connected to their surroundings and the rhythms of the natural world.

As a natural eclectic I am drawn to so many elements, materials and themes not just in design but also from the natural world. In my experience nature, and all it’s ever changing poetic mystery, is the greatest teacher.  I love to use found objects, personalized belongings, finds with texture and patina to imbue a space with character and authenticity.  Through inviting vignettes and mindful placing I strive to create unexpected beauty that inspires, intrigues and informs both the senses and the soul. In my shop I’ve learned many people are drawn to this natural eclectic look but are hesitant to try bringing it together themselves.

I hope to shed some light on how to create atmosphere with new, old and found, encouraging others to trust their instincts and attune their senses so they can develop a sense of place that is personalized and peaceful. Just as nature seems to effortlessly unfold with raw beauty and harmony, when something is approached ‘naturally’ and allowed to unfold with ease it just seems to impart so much elegance and serenity. We welcome your feedback and hope you’ll stay tuned..

Please note our website Heather Ross [ in house ] still operates under our old url though the content of our website has recently been updated to reflect our new location & brand. Our portfolio of work as both a painter and photographer on that site will be updated soon to reflect a new body of work and recent editorials. We’re doing our best to keep all our content fresh & current, while also trying to find time to paint, shoot, write, shopkeep etc!

The Natural Eclectic™ words and images not to be used without written permission  copyright Heather Ross  2011


7 thoughts on “welcome

  1. Heather, you are an inspiration and a personal hero to me already, for more than just your material talent…your inner loveliness and depth seeps out in everything you do! :)
    xo Terri

  2. Heather… you’ve been an inspiration to me since I first met you 25 years ago. To be honest, I idolized your innate organic style that seemed to come so effortlessly to you. Your ability to see the beauty in everything that you come across is truly a gift – it could be a knarlled piece of wood lying in a ditch or a person who was different looking – you would find the beauty in both! I attribute my hunting for beach glass, shells and unusal organic treasures to your influence in my life… I’ve taught my daughter the beauty in these finds since she could walk and now at twelve she still is enthusiastic and I do believe that she will be for life… the other weekend she hauled a big piece of bark that looked like a canoe from Light House Park and uses it to house her shells and unique findings… She always blurts out excitedly “Auntie Heather” would love this mom!
    I do believe that I am one of the lucky few who has learnt from Heather how to mix the new, old and organic objects together to make my home more unique and authentic. It is very easy to decorate your space quicly through the generic offerings out there but it takes a little more effort to make your house an authentic home and believe me it is worth the effort.
    I am very excited for Heather to put her vision down in words/pictures.

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