little still lifes

I spend so much time at my boutique ‘placing’ things. It seems it has become a meditative art unto itself. The chemistry and nuance of objects brought together. The play of contrast or symmetry, the juxtapositions of texture, form and color. The shop is always evolving because of course items come in and items go out…but even in my home I am continually adding & subtracting to my vignettes. Layers are formed, moods created, found objects and treasured momentos get woven into groupings, creating altars of visual sanctuary and inspiration. I took a little walk around the boutique today with my Iphone and captured
these little still lifes….by days end there are sure to have changed. Enjoy.

An antique linen bound book with a found leaf and an antique calling card for someone named Garland…

an old timepiece on a antique silver tray so tarnished that is a wonderful burnished blue, with a little old gold trimmed egg cup…..

          a cedar stump table with a bamboo bowl filled with dried magnolia leaves…
a blanc du chine statuette of Kwan Yin ~ the goddess of compassion and mercy ~ stands in front of one of my paintings Evolu….        a painted wooden egg rests in stacked early american pressed glass bowls…..              urchin spines as fine as glass rest in a tarnished silver sugar bowl…..a large antique coral sits with a seashell nestled within, atop an old concrete planter …beside it lays a great old leather surveyors tape contained within a bed of sea glass
burnished golds are gathered together…an old brass goblet, antique Venetian church elements, copper lustre ware candle holders and a beautiful old santos atop a Florentine gold leafed table…

an opalescent mouth blown glass vase rests within a vintage turquoise dish….my painting Green Dragon Dreaming echoes the watery forms and colors….            a sea urchin nests within a chipped cream Spode double ended teacupI love antique glass ranging in tones from perfectly clear to the most subtle amethyst or lemon meringue tinges. These glimmers atop a Victorian mirrored tray              ethereal chiffon ribbon, glass, silver & china in peri winkle blues….

All photos by Heather Ross, taken on location
at Heather Ross [ in house ] Please feel free to pin or share but
do photo credit ~ thank you! Heather

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