anticipation and imagination

In a few days time I will be flying into Venice Italy. Everyone says you must see Venice at least once in your lifetime. The anticipation is delectable. I imagine atmospheric misty skies, deep dark earthy/watery/smoky smells, warm rosy hues, crumbling facades, amazing polychrome doors, fantastic keyholes and door handles, ornate bridges, fanciful gilding and old mossy grey green stonework. There is so much grandeur to see, and many recommendations for Museums, Plazas, Theatres and such ~ yet all I want to do is wander with my camera and the one I love. I dream of what I will capture, both thru the lens and in my mind. I am sure these images will make their way into my book, and my memories of ethereal Venetian dreamscapes  will transform into paintings upon my return home.

I have been to Italy before as my sister lives there in a beautiful old country farm house. I love connecting with the European way of life, and I love the countryside! From Venice we will venture down to the Marche region, to the quaint old towns of Jesi and Gubbio. In May the poppies will be abloom  on the rolling green hills,  the sun will be warm and rich and we will dine al fresco with family and friends. I will seek out treasures too ~ old glass, linens and relics from another time. In this image from another trip, Janet’s cat Angel found a perfect spot to sit  on an old tapestry I was airing out before bundling it off to Vancouver.

Ah, Italy offers the texture of life! Travel immerses our senses into new, at times overwhelming, encounters for our senses. This stimulation is so wonderful for the creative process. Just a change in the quality of light can transform the way we see something.        I look forward to sharing more tales and textures from our trip along the way…..

All photos Heather Ross

5 thoughts on “anticipation and imagination

  1. Heather, have a wonderful, divine trip!!!!! I have been intending to email you all week but have had no time – working late every night – ugh! It was soooo great to visit with you and next time I will let you know well in advance and we can plan lunch or coffee before work or something so we can talk longer. I love to talk to you! :)

    I hope your “pinjury” improves with rest while you are away. I just cannot believe that little bone freaking out like that!

    I love my things I bought from you and will be blogging about them soon…

    Big hugs. I also need to hear more about this sister of yours and her situation in Italy. I just want to sit and visit and gossip.

    xox Terri

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