Watery dreams of Venice

Those who read my last post or follow me on Facebook know that I am Italy, entrenched in the elemental pleasures of Italy. Our first stop was Venice. Terri of Windlost once wrote of my boutique ‘entering the shop was like waking up inside in a lovely, watery dream…’ and this is exactly how I felt about Venice! With over a thousand images of this magical floating city to choose from…I will start with water as a theme, and work my way with other posts into earthen walls and wooden doors etc. The Natural Eclectic is about themes elegant, evocative & elemental, so this seems like a natural form of image selection for me. Growing up near the ocean I have aways loved a watery palette of sea tones, greys and greens. The ocean is mysterious, moving, ever changing, water sustains life, water represents emotion. It can be deep dark and haunting or sheer fluid and inviting. In Venice it was ever luminous while also murky, seeping it’s way into the thread of life as it meandered under doorways, up stairs, under bridges and out into the rosy horizon…..

all photos copyright  Heather Ross 2012

5 thoughts on “Watery dreams of Venice

  1. Ah Terri..so nice to hear from you. I loved how you described my boutique { and me } so I have quoted you often. Venice was amazing. So many images to go through, doing my best to keep up with it all. So many images, so much beauty to take in……

  2. Stunning photos Heather and thanks for quoting me! I am so excited for your trip and can’t wait to read/see more about it. So glad it is a watery dream. You are a beautiful sea creature for sure! :)

    xo Terri

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