The patina of Italy ~ Walls

I’ve returned from Italy with so many images I am overwhelmed with where to begin! I was so fascinated and inspired by the walls in Italy, all their depth, layers, textures, nuances. I loved the speckling of lichen, the scratches from industrial wear, the grooves and lines formed in their making, the weathering, the fading, chipping and peeling. Such a great design reference for color choices, patterns, textures! I couldn’t resist photographing the collection of scarves I brought back from Italy against a wall with a fabulous lichen patina. The lacy starry shapes perfectly emulated and complimented the delicate floral fringe, as ¬†well as the soft over dyed silk tones.

A thank you to my beautiful sister who introduced me to her Italy and helped me with these photos. I am using a ‘gallery setting’ on this blog post to upload many images at one time as I just have too may to choose from ~ the layout is not perfect, but ¬†just click on the images and they will run larger in a series, showing all the evocative nuances that have developed and layered over the centuries of their lifetime. I am too jet legged, delirious, inspired and sentimental to fiddle with it any longer. No doubt these walls will be surfacing in my paintings!

all photos copyright Heather Ross

One thought on “The patina of Italy ~ Walls

  1. wonderful photos heather!!! so glad you had a great time and hope you get some rest and recover now! the photos are so “you” and many of them remind me of your paintings. sounds like italy was a dreamy wonderland. xo terri

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