I never really knew how much texture influenced me and my work until it was pointed out by others just how texturally strong my photos were. There is so much I could say about texture, and will say about texture in my book. For now I will let a picture speak a thousand words and share some recent images of my trip to the beautiful tactile country of Italy.

Here in the landscapes, the food, the artisanal goods, the architecture, the rural towns and the cloth of life one cannot escape an abundance of texture.  When editing this post and all the images I chose I questioned some of them and their pertinence to the theme of ‘texture’. We tend to think of texture as nubby, bristly, grooved etc but when taken texture into consideration it is the qualities of all textures and surfaces, and the play of different surfaces that make things interesting. The fava beans are waxy against the dry chalky terra cotta. The glass smooth against branches and linen. The poppies velvety against the prickly wheat. I hope these images will not just speak as travel photos, but more as an inspiration board that could inform ideas for a design palette, a painting, a wardrobe, a table setting, a textile, a way of life.

One thought on “tactile

  1. I feel like I can smell the smells and touch the surfaces through these images. Beautiful!

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