autumnal textures

I’ve been meaning to write a post for so long! I’ve been immersed in life, work, getting ready for the holiday season in the shop, planning an upcoming move for a new boutique and doing a rebrand! On rare unscheduled days I’ve tried to connect with nature & get out in the world to restore myself, to find new treasures, to go harvesting, and to spend time with loved ones. My hands don’t feel like typing on a laptop ~ they are a little too tired from  tying bows and snipping twine, folding, sorting, and lifting, scrubbing and shooting and placing and primping! natural eclectic basket

I’ve had a few wonderful day excursions with my sister Janet & my sweetheart Craig to historic Fort Langley. We were grateful to receive some bountiful earthly gifts  from a lovely old farming fellow who lives remotely and grows all his own food. It was so exciting to see him pluck such glorious fruits from the ground and pass them into our hands. So I will just share some images from these days that  show the best of the season so far…the autumnal glory, the wintry transition, and natural treasures found on lovely walks and leave the typing at that!

dragonfly by Heather Ross

sharing the bounty

pears in the grass photo Heather Rossgrapes of goodness Photo heather RossDSC_0441Dragonfly Photo Heather Ross

ironstone Heather Ross

lovebirds photo Heather Ross

One thought on “autumnal textures

  1. Only a few more weeks and then all the frenzy will be over. Oh, but maybe not.. you will be getting into your new shop then, right? I’m hoping to get there in the new year to see all that you’ve been up to. Take care.

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