Travels take us not just to other places in the world, but also to other places in our heart and mind. If we just stay put is easy to start thinking in a box, to become too familiar with our surroundings, to become complacent with our routine. The result is we stop ‘seeing’ and feeling at our full capacity. When we immerse ourselves in another culture, have new experiences and discover new habitats and landscapes we open ourselves up again to receive all that is so wondrous.  Even  when I just venture out of my own city to the rural countryside that fringes it, I feel I come more alive and my senses heighten.

Thrust into a arid desert landscape I immediately start to channel my inner Georgia O’Keefe. Submerged under tropical oceans I am lost in the magic and delight of the underwater sea life ~ the myriad of colors and patterns just to incredible to imagine.

I love road trips. Big, small, medium! Let’s get in the car and explore! If I find some treasures along the way, even better!

So as I take you along on our travels, I won’t be sharing so much about hotels and the best place to grab dinner [ though I will share special gems of beauty and great local spots of character and charm] but more so  the experience of discovery. The inspiration, the texture, the feeling of the heat and light. The image of a white butterfly dangling off an arching branch. The delicate fretwork of a historical building. The smell of dry hot earth and the colors of the terrain. I hope you will enjoy this journey and come along with me.

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